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Housing the Las Vegas Rehabilitation Patients

LVRELOCATE recognizes the unique complications in renting Month to Month furnished houses for Las Vegas drug and alcohol addiction patients and crews, with their unique requirements in mined; First stop for temporary housing to the rehabilitation industry in Las Vegas. Short term housing for drug & alcohol recovery patients.

We offer luxury resort style furnished houses or condos, secluded and close to the Las Vegas main attractions. Our housing consultants will accommodate you, under your budget, term and schedule guidelines, to guarantee your stay with us is comfortable and fulfilled. Our company is experienced with hosting addiction recovery patients, professionals and crews, with their unique requirements in mined and we are ready to be the first stop for housing to any of the rehabilitation facilities in Las Vegas.


Our homes are leased completely furnished and accessorized with short or long-term leases as needed. Contact us for more information on availability of our homes for the Addiction treatment and recovery industry. We offer warm environment, security and seclusion to perform your detox treatments quietly and responsibly.


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