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Property Management
Quality Term Rental Management Services

Cannot get tenants to occupy your homes? Tired of dealing with your tenants’ complaints? Cannot handle your working crews any longer? We have the solution!

Our company offers Property Management services for short term furnished and unfurnished rentals. You can now sit back and relax and let us handle everything and send you the check every month.

Management Solutions for Short Term Rentals

Our organization is a full-service Marketing and Management platform that can offer solutions to owners of investment properties in the Las Vegas area. We offer to be from as little as your marketing tool and lead generation, all the way to be a full management service for your properties.

Our Services may include any or all of these:

  •          Digital Marketing of your properties

  •          Refferal of potential tenants (Lead generation)

  •          Screening potential tenants

  •          Presenting the houses to potential tenants

  •          Furnish / unfurnish the houses as needed; storage services for unused furniture

  •          Move in procedures (cleaning, maintenance, etc.) and financial handling

  •          Cleaning and maintenance services as needed by tenants

  •          Utility payments as needed

  •          Monthly reporting of your portfolio performance

  •          Buy and sell properties for owners

  •          Rehab properties as needed.

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