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Temporary Stay Services

Our company offers Flexible Hosting terms that will satisfy your needs, budget and schedule. We convey beautiful, fully furnished and accessorized, ready to go houses, that you can move into for as long as you need, until you find your dream home, furnish it, connect all utilities, and are ready to relocate.

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Furnished Short Term Rentals

Our company offers fully furnished monthly rentals fully accessorized for short term accommodations. One month minimum rent; homes are professionally setup for comfort and located near hospitals, Universities or military bases for most convenience. No long term obligation and easy check in and out....Read More

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Temporary Stay Rentals

Our company offers short term monthly rentals for temporary stay travel needs. No long term leases or long applications are needed. Our homes are professionally setup for comfort and located near hospitals, Universities or military bases for most convenience....Read More

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Insurance Agencies Relocation Solutions

Insurance companies are often facing a home problem that require relocation of the tenants into another house. If you are a tenant who faces relocation for that reason or you’re an Insurance agency who look to relocate a tenant, we are here to help....Read More

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Convenient Corporate Housing

If you are a person or an Agency who is handling Corporate Relocations, we can be of great help to you. Our homes are leased completely furnished and accessorized with no long-term lease obligations and in convenient locations all over town....Read More

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Housing Traveling Nurses

Our company specializes in monthly House-Sharing rentals for traveling Nurses or other medical professionals. Our homes are professionally setup for comfort and houses are located near hospitals for easy access. No long-term obligations, all-inclusive accommodations, clean and private....Read More


Military Family Relocation

One of the duties a person or family are taking upon themselves while serving in the Military is a quick Relocation when duty calls. Military families are known to move around when asked. We understand the sense of urgency and we are trying to ease the stress of moving by offering No Lease furnished homes and condos, close to military bases for a quick temporary move....Read More

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Housing the Las Vegas Entertainment Industry Professionals

Our company recognizes the unique complications in renting to the performers and crews in the Entertainment field. We offer luxury resort style furnished houses or condos, close to the Las Vegas Strip or Downtown, where the Entertainment Center located. Our housing consultants will accommodate you, under your budget and schedule guidelines, to guarantee your stay with us is comfortable and fulfilled....Read More

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Temporary Stay Houses for Traveling Academics

Our company offers houses on a monthly rent basis for traveling academics, College and University professors or other traveling academic circles personal. Our homes are professionally setup for comfort and located near Universities and Colleges for ease of accessibility. No long-term obligations, all-inclusive accommodations, clean and private.....Read More

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Short Term Rentals for Weather Travelers

Snowbirding is a known annual travel routine where families, usually retirees, escape the cold winter weather of the North Eastern USA, Canada and Alaska to find refuge in the worm weather of states like Florida, Arizona and Nevada among others. Las Vegas is one of the most popular destinations for Snowbirds and LVRelocate homes are most popular for their comfort and convenience dealing.....Read More

Yoga Class

Luxury Retirement Resorts

Wish to retire in Las Vegas? Luxurious Desert Sanctuaries, all-inclusive independent living communities situated at the most prestige locations in Las Vegas, a destination unto itself, with limitless access to shopping, restaurants, walking trails, parks, and more.  Affordable lifestyle, live for the moment and appreciate the breathtaking views of the neighboring mountains while experiencing an unparalleled level of comfortable resort-style senior living....Read More

Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe in most convenience and comfort, full service accommodations and will give our customers full credit for any unused days if they are not fully satisfied with our homes or services.  

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