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Who Is LVRelocate?

Las Vegas Relocation Assistance is a "One Stop Shop" for people who are trying to relocate to Las Vegas. Utilizing years of real estate experience in Las Vegas LVRelocate offers a complete package to support our clients’ task of moving to our city. From Temporary Housing in Las Vegas to help with house hunting for a more permanent home, lending options or starting a business. Whatever our client’s needs are we can help them with achieving an easy move to Las Vegas.


About Las Vegas Relocation Assistance

LVRelocate pecializes in servicing and providing  furnished rental homes in Las Vegas among any other needs our

guests encounter. LVRelocate's ProActive management approach provides our clients with our full service

furnished rentals - worry free living, Assistance with any issues while in our houses and more: 

  •           Flexible rental terms / No long term contract

  •           Assistance with anticipated relocation issues from moving and storage to Real Estate needs and                    location analysis (Including area school records).

  •           Single point of contact - One Stop Shop for any relocation needs, offering Years of relocation                       Experience to help with any relocating issues.

  •           Broker assistance in all Real Estate and/or Lending needs.

  •           General Contractors to perform any construction needs at your new home or business place.

  •           New business setup and services:

                 +  Assistance in finding and leasing abusiness location

                 +  Marketing and advertising a new business

                 +  Access to an assortment of business related services (Legal, Accounting,Marketing, Etc.)

Who are LVRelocate's clients?

  • House Hunters - While searching for your perfect long term solution, either a lease or a purchase of a new home, stay with us for a hassle free time, pressure free.

  • Corporate Relocation - professionals with either longer-term temporary assignments - or - families being relocated permanently.

  • Long Term Events - Families or individuals coming to Las Vegas for longer term events, such as extended stay for sports competitions and training, Poker tournaments, Etc.

  • Insurance company needs - Families needing temporary housing, paid for by insurance, while their homes are being repaired.​

  • Long term visits with family or friends - Either helping an old parent or for the birth of a new grandchild.

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