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Questions and Answers about
Monthly Furnished Rentals in
Las Vegas

Las Vegas had become one of the most popular relocation destinations in the country. If for the attractive lower cost of living accompanied by the secured environment that draws many retirees to town to live in affordable resort style communities, or for business state benefits package that lures many business owners and convinces them to relocate their operations to Las Vegas.

For these and abundant of other reasons many are looking for furnished temporary housing in Las Vegas. Certainly, the appeal of “The Las Vegas Strip” entertainment and hundreds of conventions, causes many of these millions of guests to look for Corporate Las Vegas furnished rentals available for monthly rents. Las Vegas Relocation assistance has a unique system to accommodate any type of monthly rent clients according to their budget and needs.

Most frequently asked questions are getting answered below and with any other help needed please Contact Us.

Questions about Las Vegas Relocation Opportunities.....

What is the average price for a stay in a Las Vegas Monthly Rental house?

One can get a nice furnished average size monthly rental for about $200 a night and it can go up to $700 a night depends on the size of the rental, number of occupants, amenities and location of the property. 

How big of a group of guests can a vacation rental accommodate at Las Vegas Relocate Rental?

The number of guests depends on the size of the house rental and the setup of the furniture in the rooms. Las Vegas Relocation furnished homes can accommodate 2 guests per room with the option for more upon request.

What is the availability of furnished term rentals in Las Vegas?

Most furnished home rentals are available for a month-to-month rental with some asking for a 3 months minimum rental. At Las Vegas Relocation assistance we will allow temporary rental periods that will be over a month.

What type of guests are renting furnished homes from Las Vegas Relocation Assistance?

Las Vegas Relocation Assistance is specialized in renting furnished and fully serviced houses mainly for Corporate Relocation needs, insurance relocating clients, medical industry and traveling nurses among other types of visitors who are moving to Las Vegas for a short period or relocating to Las Vegas permanently but want to be familiar with what the city has to offer before they commit to a location.

What kind of amenities and services can be expected in a Las Vegas Relocation house?

At Las Vegas Relocation Assistance you literally “get what you pay for”. Our company offer all furnished and accessorized homes with services that include all utilities and internet included, optional weekly cleaning services, pool and spa cleaning service and gardening. It is a full-service worry-free experience with an assigned agent to every house that is available to answer any question and take care of any issue you may come across.

How many houses do you have in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas Relocation Assistance has access to homes and condos covering the entire Las Vegas Valley area. In our network we are listing houses in diverse sizes and amenities and we offer all inclusive rental deals that are more affordable and convenient than any hotel.

Who are the typical clients of Las Vegas Relocation Assistance?

Accommodating the needs of our diverse cliental we serve the corporate world, Traveling nurses, Military relocation and just any term guests to Las Vegas. No meter what your reasons for relocation are, we can find you a house to fill at home in.  

What kind of advance reservation does Las Vegas Relocation Assistance need in order to find me a house?

In most cases our company can find you a house with a few weeks of notice before you travel to Las Vegas however, Las Vegas is an eventful location and many times inventory is low for several periods during the year so in order to reserve a house we recommend 2 to 3 months advance reservation.


I own a Furnished rental in Las Vegas; how do I join your network?

Las Vegas Relocation Assistance has always a need for new rental properties. In order to add your property go to our Term Rental Management Services and send us your and your property information.

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